Apple’s imovie, iwork And Garageband are Totally Free Now

April 19, 2017 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Do you usually use iMovie, iWork and GarageBand on your Mac? Or want to have a try for these apps but have to buy them? It is a great news that iMovie, iWork and GarageBand are completely free from now on.

Apple's iMovie, iWork and GarageBand

Previously, Apple‘s suite of creativity and productivity apps were not available for free, and included in the purchase you bought the Apple devices, people who get an older hardware have to pay for them if want to use it on their own devices. But now, the situation is totally changed, people who get an Apple device can choose to download and install iMovie, iWork and GarageBand for free.

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How to totally stop an application on a Mac

April 12, 2017 Robert A. Computer Basics No Comments

Don’t want a specific program always running on your Mac? Or need to totally stop an app running on the computer before start to remove it? Many people may know how to quit an app from the Dock, but most of them do not realize how to stop it running at the background.

stop an application

Totally stop an app running on the Mac is specially important and also necessary for the app removal, if program could not be totally stopped running, the Mac will not allow user to uninstall it or move it to the Trash. Therefore, knowing how to disable the app running is not only good for the Mac performance, but also necessary for removing the program from Mac.

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How to Update non-App Store Apps on macOS Sierra

April 9, 2017 Robert A. Computer Basics No Comments

As the official download resource in Mac computer, App Store is available for people to install the third-party application they need, and in addition, the Mac also allows user to download and install an app outside, however, when you need to perform an update for the program, updating the app you download outside is different from updating in the App Store.

Update non-App Store Apps on macOS Sierra

For the store-bought apps, App Store provides an available update button if there is a newer version of the apps you bought, and people can update it directly via clicking on the button. When it turns to the applications you downloaded and installed from outside, such as the program’s official website or popular app download sites, there is a different way to update the application. And you can check how to do from the following instructions, as many Mac users are using macOS Sierra (how to get macOS Sierra) in nowadays, I would like to introduce the specific steps for macOS Sierra.

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Jay-Z Removed All His Albums From Apple Music and Spotify

April 8, 2017 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Famous rapper Jay-Z just have removed all of its catalogue from Apple Music and Spotify, which means that people will no longer to find his song from these two platform.


The competition of streaming music in nowadays has been very fierce, and Shawn Carter, known as rapper Jay-Z and also the Tidal Owner, have determined to remove all of his albums from Apple Music and Spotify, which is regarded to help Tidal increasing its competition via his own albums. Spotify also said on Twitter today “confirm that some of Jay-Z’s catalogue has been removed at the request of the artist”.

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