Apple May Launch RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on Monday

April 9, 2018 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

A new look of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with RED color may be introduced and unveiled on Monday, according to an internal memo from Virgin Mobile employees, which is found and reported by MacRumors.

RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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Apple Has More California Self-Driving Test Cars than Waymo and Uber

March 21, 2018 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Apple has expanded the number of its self-driving testing vehicles in California, which is more than Waymo and Uber.

Apple self-driving_testing_vehicles

According to the data and figures provided by Department of Motor Vehicles in California, Apple has doubled the number of its registered self-driving cars to 45

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Apple WWDC 2018 will Come from June 4 to June 8 in San Jose

March 14, 2018 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Apple WWDC is always a big event for the big Apple fans as well as other people who love the technology, and now, the WWDC 2018 just come and will kick off from 4 to June 8, are you ready for the new updates and products from this tech giant?

Apple WWDC 2018

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How to Remove MegaBackup from Mac – MegaBackup Uninstallation Ways

March 2, 2018 Robert A. Uninstall Backup Software for Mac No Comments

Trouble to remove MegaBackup on your Mac? It may be a gripe for many of the app users, so which way is working for removing the app from the Mac? The following content will offer you the best answer.

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Apple Is Reportedly Put Animoji In ipad And Facetime

February 13, 2018 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Apple Animoji

Apple’s popular Animoji will get new ways of use in the Apple’s products as well as apps, and customers can see these new features this fall, according to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg News.

Mark Gurman introduced a lot of details and introductions about what kind of new features and upgrades would be brought this fall, and Animojis, the popular elements controlled by the iPhone X’s facial recognition sensor, will be added to the iPad, as well as put into use in FaceTime video calls.

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The Fastest and Best Way to Uninstall Kodi from Mac

January 30, 2018 Robert A. Uninstall Media Player for Mac No Comments

Do you wonder how can uninstall Kodi on macOS? Is there anything annoy you to finish the app removal on your Mac? For people who are getting troubles of removing Kodi, these uninstall tips and methods will be very useful to help totally delete it.

uninstall Kodi on Mac

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New Siri Podcast Feature Rolled Out in iOS 11.2.2

January 22, 2018 Robert A. Tech News No Comments


Want to get news instantly and quickly with your iPhone or iPad? The iOS 11.2.2 now gets a new trick which playing podcasts automatically when people ask Siri for current news.

At the begining of this month, Apple introduced an iOS 11.2.5’s beta for the developer and testers

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Spotify And Apple Take Actions To Stop White Supremacist Merchandise And Services

August 21, 2017 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

white nationalist attack

On Saturday, a violent white nationalist attack broke the peace of Charlottesville, Virginia, it left three dead and dozens injured in the rally. Many people in the U.S and all around the world fulminate against this attack, and many big companies also start to take actions to against the white nationalist.

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Facebook Messenger Games Are Available To Everyone

May 7, 2017 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

This way, Facebook ( just announces that its Messenger Games, which firstly introduced in November for the limited people, are now available to everyone for both Android and iOS users.

Facebook’ Messenger game is a no-download HTML5 “Instant Games” that firstly released in the United States in November, but it limited the user to play the game, and now the computer announces that it is now globally available for all of peoples to play.

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Apple Provides Song Snippets and clips to

May 2, 2017 Robert A. Tech News No Comments

Apple in recently reaches a deal with, and start to provide song snippets and clips to this service.

As one of the most popular music video application, claims itself as a social-music-videos program, it is widely use by the teenagers for creating, sharing short videos, messaging and live broadcasting. And now Apple cooperate with for promoting the Apple Music, and allow the users to create and share their own music videos

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