How to Uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 Thoroughly to Clean Your Mac Computer

Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 is an Internet software that can be installed and used on a Mac computer, and for the Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 users, it is common and usual for them to remove the program for some reasons, if you don't want to be involved in some problems of the program removal (list blow), this post covers some effective ways that maybe can help you to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 well.

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Why people need to remove Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 on Mac

There are generally many circumstances for people deciding to clean this application on their Mac computers, besides on longer require the program, or get an unsuccessful and correct installation, people also want to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 for these reason and considerations:

  • The Internet software easily access the personal privacy, so some people want to remove it for the security issue
  • Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 application frequently affect the running speed of web browsers as well as some other applications on the Mac
  • Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 program is infected by malicious viruses

When people start to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 for these reasons, some of them may be not so lucky enough to be able to get rid of it on the Mac, and encounter these troubles and issues for the removal:

  • Internet connection is corrupted after the uninstallation
  • Associated items still display on the Mac
  • Apps or files cannot be download online successfully
  • Cannot watch video and other image smoothly online

Characters of the Internet application on Mac

Internet application is a kind of program on Mac that closely related to the use of Internet connection, and it will try to speed up the Internet speed for finishing a particular operation on the computer, especially loading a video file and downloading an application online. So it will easily affect the Internet speed on your computer and you may not be able to do other things effectively on the Mac.

If you don't need to use such an Internet application on your PC, it is suggested to stop and even uninstall it for that it will always slow down the Internet speed.

What cause the unsuccessful Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 removal on your PC?

Because of the different and complex environment for different Mac computers, it is difficult to diagnose what's the specific reason for the Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 removing problem on your PC, but we can list some common reasons of the unsuccessful removal, which are also good for you to fix the problem and uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 well.

  • Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 does not totally be disabled on Mac when conduct the program removal
  • Other applications or processes are still using the features of Paragon NTFS 11.2.443
  • There are some problems with your program removal
  • The Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 application cannot be totally removed on your PC

So, if you want to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 permanently, you should stop the app and associated process, take proper step, and remove everything related to the app on your Mac.

How to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 correctly from your Mac

Note: the 1-3 removing ways may be very common and universal for many Mac users, but you should bare in mind that the most common ways many people taking are usually failed to help you clean the application completely, besides uninstall the program package, you should go to the associated folders and delete its remnant files additionally, otherwise, the incomplete removing problems we mentioned above will come out on your computer.

1. Uninstall with its attached uninstall feature

Many antivirus applications attach a removing feature inside the product and available for uninstalling itself on Mac, and people usually can find it on the program's interface. So, please try to click on the help or support menu on the application and see whether there is an uninstall feature, and you can choose to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 if there is such a feature.

Standard removal

  • Launch Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 on your Mac, find out the uninstall or help feature available on the on the Menu bar
  • Click to activate the program's removing process, and complete the program removal with instructions

Find and clean its leftovers

Except the program can be removed from the computer in the first stage of removal, there are still many associated files cannot be removed and locate on the associated folder on the Mac. So, you should find out all of them and clean well. Generally, the Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 leftovers are located in the Library folder, so please click on Go - Go to folder...- enter "~/Library/" in the box to open it, and then start to check the content inside and clean its associated components.

  • Applications Supports: click on Applications Support folder on the Library, find out the folder with Paragon NTFS 11.2.443's name, and move it to the Trash
  • Caches: click on Caches folder, click the file which contains the name of Paragon NTFS 11.2.443
  • Preferences: continue to stay on Library, open Preferences folder; delete Paragon NTFS 11.2.443's preferences inside
  • Empty Trash: right-click on Trash on the DOCK, and select "Empty Trash"
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2. Remove with the uninstaller created by the same publisher

Besides producing the professional utilities and applications, many publisher will also publish an uninstall tool which claims to help people uninstall their owned applications effectively. If you also find there is an uninstall tool which belongs to the same developer with Paragon NTFS 11.2.443, you also can choose to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 via this remover.

  • Download and install the specific uninstaller on your Mac
  • Click to launch the application, and click on the scan button to detect all of related program with the same publisher on the computer
  • Select Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 on the list, and click on the Remove/Uninstall button
  • Finish the program removal with instructions

After performing the removal in the uninstaller, an additional removal for its leftovers on the computer is also needed, and you should check all of related folders and delete its files one by one as the first method (check the leftovers removal above)

3. Uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 with traditional Mac removal

Mac OS X has its own removing feature, and people can delete or remove the file/application via moving to the Trash, and empty it. When uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 in this way, you can refer to the following instructions:

  • Click on Finder on the Dock, select Applications on the left pane, and you will go to the installed Applications folder
  • Select the icon of Paragon NTFS 11.2.443, and drag it to the Trash
  • Right-click on the Trash, and click Empty Trash

Removing Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 under Mac OS X in this way is very a straightforward and fast procedure, however, many people may not notice that it is also unable to help you totally clean the program out of your computer. The same to the previous two methods, those support files and caches which are stored separately from the application package will need to be deleted manually and additionally. Sounds like very annoyed and troublesome, right? Applying an uninstall tool can avoid these problems and simplify the removing steps significantly.

4. Uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 with pro Mac uninstaller

In addition to the above removing methods, there is another way that become more popular and effective to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 as well as other installed applications on the same computer, which is taking a professional uninstall tool, it can perform more skillfully and quickly to remove the unwanted program on Mac.

There are now many removal tools available online and support the user to uninstall Mac OS X based application, MacKeeper will be a good recommendation that help you to uninstall unwanted programs as well as resolve many other issues on the Mac, the 100% removal can be guaranteed and you don't need to worry about many potential removing problems.

Check how to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 with MacKeeper:

  • Check how to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 with MacKeeper:
  • Expand the ADVANCED TOOLS on the menu, and select Smart Uninstaller on the list
  • Click on the Start Scan button to check all applications installed on your Mac
  • Locate Paragon NTFS 11.2.443, and click on the checkbox on the left side
  • Click on Remove button, and complete the removal with instructions
  • Please enter your Mac account's password if it is required for confirmation
  • Exit MacKeeper, and restart your Mac

Besides removing unwanted program effectively on the computer, many other problems caused by the unsuccessful Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 removal also can be fixed well via the various features available on MacKeeper, like:

  • Removing widgets, preferences, plugins installed on the Mac
  • Files recovery support to recover the file or App you removed by mistake
  • Fast cleanup your Mac's junk files
  • Backup an item for precaution before you go to modify and remove it

When removing a program on the computer, it is not a wise choice if you have to do a lot of manual and complex jobs during the removal, because it will not only take you a lot of time, the removing process also contains a high risk of manual error. Unless you are a computer professional and can handle different kinds of operations on the computer correctly by yourself, it is more recommended to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 in the easiest and fastest way, because it can help you to avoid those manual errors and risks, and replace you to complete the removal on your Mac automatically, which is also available for removing other installed applications on the computer effectively.

Get advanced uninstall tool and start to uninstall Paragon NTFS 11.2.443 on your Mac now:

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