The Fastest and Best Way to Uninstall Kodi from Mac

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Do you wonder how can uninstall Kodi on macOS? Is there anything annoy you to finish the app removal on your Mac? For people who are getting troubles of removing Kodi, these uninstall tips and methods will be very useful to help totally delete it.

uninstall Kodi on Mac

Application description: Kodi for Mac is an open-source media player software created by XBMC Foundation, it can be free used to play, and view streaming media, music, podcasts and those common digital media files online, network storage media and local.

What makes you want to uninstall Kodi from your Mac?

  • Getting troubles of running Kodi on the computer
  • App encounters an error and should be uninstalled first and install again
  • Kodi gets useless
  • Want to get a brand new version of Kodi on the Mac
  • You are not satisfied the app’s performance and want change other media player

When there is a need for you to remove Kodi, what’s the way you will firstly consider to take and perform the removal on your Mac? And what kind of problem you encounter when conducting the removal and cause you unable to clear the application successfully? Don’t worry, you will know what’s going on and how could uninstall the program effectively from Mac.


Problems of removing Kodi effectively on the Mac

In most case, people would like to choose the most common and standard means to perform the app removal on the Mac, including uninstall Kodi, which is removing from the Trash on Mac. Let’s see how does it work and what kind of problem it will make.

General steps to remove Kodi with Trash

  • Stop Kodi running on the Mac, and click Finder on the Dock
  • Click Applications on the left side, and find Kodi on the programs list

Uninstall Kodi on Mac

  • Drag the Kodi icon to the Trash

  • Right-click on the Trash, and select Secure Empty Trash

secure empty trash

Generally, for most of Mac users, the app removal can be finished after conducting these steps on the Mac, but the fact is that many people find the application cannot be uninstalled completely when taking this way to get rid of Kodi, and its associated traces and files are still leaving and appearing on the computer. Or more seriously, unknown error code just displays suddenly during the removal and the users have to suspend the removal.

So, we can see that the standard means of removing Kodi on Mac often cannot get a complete or smooth removal. To uninstall Kodi in a more effective and complete way, it is suggested to rely on a professional app uninstaller for Mac, which is always a better solution for removing undesired and stubborn applications.

What’s the fastest and best way to uninstall Kodi

Applying an app uninstaller is an efficient way in nowadays to totally remove Kodi and other stubborn applications easily on the Mac, the advanced program’s analyzing and removing technology and algorithm will scan out and clear out all of associated files, such as the Application Support files, Caches and Preferences, and provides an automated removal to enable the user remove them quickly. So, it is regarded as the most effective way in currently to deal with the unwanted app removal on macOS.

Among the various application uninstallers for Mac, MacKeeper offers a series of optimized feature, including a smart uninstaller, which is able to uninstall Kodi completely with very simple steps from the Mac.

  • Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller feature in ADVANCED TOOLS
  • Click on the Scan button, and then Find Kodi on the list of Applications, and select it, all of its associated files (includes those Application Support files, Caches, Preferences and so on) will present on the right side

uninstall kodi for Mac

  • Make sure all of them are selected, and then click on Remove button to start the uninstallation

  • Till the removing process completed, you will be able to uninstall Kodi thoroughly

For the corrupted Kodi app on your Mac, you may not be able to remove it smoothly in the normal uninstall process, in this case, you also can troubleshoot the complicated issue via contacting the online support of MacKeeper, the tech support team usually can fix the removing problem quickly for you.


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